As we round up our celebration of recent promotions and leadership changes at CJMW, we celebrate the future – our five new Associates. These talented individuals are each an integral part of the CJMW team and the firm’s success. Join us in congratulating Carrigan Doble, Craig Johnson, Jennifer Martin, Craig Nightingale, and Kellie Overberg for their achievements and their new role within CJMW.

Carrigan Doble, AIA, NCARB Carrigan joined CJMW in 2017 upon graduating from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Since then, Carrigan has demonstrated her commitment to excellence in both her project work and beyond, including playing a key role in firm-wide efforts related to recruiting and retainment. Carrigan is also part of CJMW’s social media team.

Carrigan’s work exhibits a fresh approach to how spaces and volumes can be reconfigured, even while the innovation is firmly rooted in the realities and technicalities of constructability. Clients appreciate her thoughtful consideration of the user experience and attentiveness to logic, function, and budget.

Describe a time that your career was rewarding?
The most rewarding part of my career is consistently seeing the look of excitement on our clients’ faces when we’ve delivered a concept or a design idea. Bringing to life buildings and spaces that people have only dreamt of is something that will never get old.”




If you could give a younger person career advice, what would it be?
Do what makes you happy. It’s a bit of a cliché, but if you do something you enjoy, it makes life a lot more fun. It might not be a conventional job or career but figure out how to make it one.

What is your favorite travel destination?
Glacier National Park — no question. It’s unlike anywhere else on earth.

Carrigan’s experience includes work in a range of markets including education, senior living, corporate, and hospitality. Recent projects include the Truist Leadership Institute expansion, Compass Hotel Beaufort, Qubein Arena and Conference Center, and The Cedars of Chapel Hill Renovations. Current work includes Carolina Museum of the Marine, Greensboro Montessori School Master Plan, Graylyn Estate Renovations, and a new tasting room for a local winery.

Carrigan is a member of and has served in various roles on the Board of the Winston Salem Chapter of the AIA for seven years running; she currently holds the position of chapter president.


Craig Johnson Craig joined CJMW in 2016. A native of Asheville, NC, he relocated to Raleigh to pursue his Master of Architecture at the College of Design at North Carolina State University after earning a BFA in Art and Design from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Craig has worked on projects ranging in size and scope including mixed‐use residential, retail, master plans, and corporate office buildings.

If you could give a younger person career advice, what would it be?
Learn what people’s everyday job responsibilities are who are, 5, 10, and 15+ years out of school.




What is the best skill you bring to your career?
Incorporation of design and technology.

What is an interesting fact about you?
I’ve ridden a bicycle across the U.S. twice.


Recent and current work includes Carolina Museum of the Marine, Westin Hotel Greensboro, Sigma Kappa House at NCSU, River Place, St. Mary’s School’s historic Pittman Auditorium, The Muse, and multiple projects for Johnson Automotive.

In addition to his passion for design, he is interested in the increasing role technology plays in the design field. A member of CJMW’s BIM/ Revit team, Craig works with other team members to ensure firm standards and procedures support an efficient and creative workflow. He is currently one of the leaders of internal discussions on the best ways to use AI as a tool for better design and client communication.


Jennifer Martin, CPA Jennifer joined CJMW in 2016 after years as an auditor for various sectors, including the manufacturing industry, non-profits, and government entities. She received her CPA in 2010. As CJMW’s Comptroller, Jennifer oversees the accounting and financial reporting procedures for the firm. In her time at the firm, she has helped the firm streamline processes and procedures, leading to greater efficiency.

What are the best skills you bring to your career?
Professional Skepticism is the heart of an Auditor. It is the ability to be able to not take something at face value but dig into data and information and in turn make the right decisions and come to accurate conclusions.




If you could give a younger person career advice, what would it be?
Learn a trade. Don’t go into debt for college especially if you do not know what you want to be “when you grow up.”

What is your favorite travel destination?
Beach or mountains during off-season; the fewer people, the better!

Extremely detailed and focused, Jennifer puts her expertise at the service of the firm, providing critical information to leadership as a foundation for strategic planning. Jennifer notes she is a “people person at the core,” and finds that her “outgoing personality and good communication skills help keep projects moving forward to meet corporate goals.”


Craig Nightingale, Associate AIA Craig joined CJMW in 2016, bringing an excellent design eye and talent that combines a sensitivity to context with a forward-looking viewpoint. From small scale improvements to multi-phase developments, Craig’s experience demonstrates a focus on developing a client’s ideas and vision. He has worked on various types of projects in different environments providing architectural design, project management, and construction guidance resulting in project success.

What are some accomplishments you’ve achieved during your career?
Completing two large projects (over 70,000 sq ft each) from concept to completion.




If you could give a younger person career advice, what would it be?
Take advantage of opportunities to do Construction Administration. It creates a better designer.

What is your favorite travel destination?
Back home to Nova Scotia

Craig brings creativity and problem-solving skills to all his projects, noting, “I don’t assume that because I did something on a past project that it will be the same on a future project.” Craig’s recent work includes the Endzone Facility at Appalachian State’s Kidd Brewer Stadium, the Westin Hotel Greensboro, and the Truist Leadership Institute Phases I and II. He is also currently involved in designing a new building for NC A&T as well as concepts for multiple hotels and educational projects.


Kellie Overberg, AIA, NCARB Kellie began her career at CJMW almost six years ago after receiving a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech. A deep dedication to sustainability led to her achieving a minor in Green Engineering while at Tech; she brings that dedication to her project work where she finds opportunities at all scales to introduce sustainability. She is involved in multiple firm-wide initiatives centered around recruiting and retention and is a key member of CJMW’s social media team.

Kellie’s collaborative and open approach allows her to consider all possibilities early in the design process while still focusing on the end result. Kellie notes, “It’s important to know when it is time to make a decision and execute tasks that will produce the best end product for the clients.”

What are some accomplishments you’ve achieved during your career?
My biggest accomplishment so far in my career is passing all six of my licensing exams on the first try. I took them all over a 2 ½ week span with the hope of passing 4/6 and surprised everyone (including myself) by passing them all!




If you could give a younger person career advice, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions and constantly be open to new ideas – you never know where inspiration will strike!

If I could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve . . .
A day to do whatever is best for your mental health!

Kellie has worked on a range of project sizes and types. Recent work includes St. Mary’s School’s historic Pittman Auditorium and Performing Arts Center, High Point University’s Qubein Arena and Conference Center, and the recently opened Forsyth County Courthouse. She is currently working on the Carolina Museum of the Marine, a new building at NC A&T, and multiple projects for Wake Forest University.

Kellie has been and continues to be involved in AIA Winston-Salem, first as Online Media Director (2020-2023) and currently as Sustainability Director.