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cambridge design partnership renovation

project story

Cambridge Design Partnership is a UK based product design and development company. CDP is rapidly growing their engineer team and needed to quickly expand into less desirable basement level space within their existing office building. The challenge was creating a bright and energetic work space for the expanded team, without having the hard to acquire talent feel as if they were in a less desirable area than their teammates on the first floor. Complicating factors included the fact that the floor is partially below grade and the space is the termination point for the plumbing for the 3 levels above. The existing 10,414 SF of space was barely finished and was historically used for building storage.

The solution was to install as many windows as possible and convert a metal garage door into a window with a more scenic view of the City of Oaks. Decorative acoustic ceiling treatments, in the form of wood ceiling clouds, were used to help mask the sounds from overhead pipes that needed to remain. Large yellow lights with acoustic “fins” play to the creative nature of the client’s business and help with the poor acoustics of the space as a dropped ceiling was not viable due to low ceiling heights. A cozy “tea point” (UK term for break area) has a residential feel. Natural wood throughout the space added warmth with the bright colors play up the fun and energetic culture of Cambridge Partnership. The result – the “basement” level is now the most desired seat in the building!

The program included adding a “tea point” (break area) collaboration area, large teaming space, a prototype assembly lab, and open office desking area.

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Square footage: 1,500
Services: architecture, interior design, ffe