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confidential client

project story

An experienced hospitality developer asked the design team to go beyond brand standards for this new hotel located near RDU International Airport. The goal: create a destination for executive and family travel that feels both connected to its location and to the larger world through a series of memorable moments. The design story takes its cue from local Raleigh architecture and the city’s casual but cool southern culture and is influenced by the client’s international travel; the design adds subtle references to transportation, movement, and art.

On entering, guests will be immediately captivated by a living green wall and an aquarium that bring the natural world to busy travelers and urban dwellers. Finishes are layered, creating texture and a rich sense of depth and material. The guest experience throughout the hotel is customized. Custom carpet patterns delineate each space while connecting the whole. A custom-designed and fabricated bar tells local and long-distance guests alike this is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Guestrooms are also custom created, from finishes to the furniture, a modern and upscale update to the brand standard. Custom millwork likened to a sophisticated train cabin recalls travel to far-flung destinations. Detailing is kept warm yet streamlined, with furniture and lighting selections familiar to many with European travel experience. A curated art collection draws from local artists’ works in the themes of travel, transportation, and Raleigh. Working closely with this innovative ownership team and major hotel brand, the team developed several unique concepts, surpassing brand requirements and sure to exceed guest expectations.

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Square footage: 123,000
Services: interior architecture, interior design, ffe