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kimball hospitality furniture

project story

This collection of furnishings designed for a major hospitality furniture manufacturer includes casegoods, small furnishings, and lighting for luxury guest rooms and living areas. The collection is a response to the dilemma of how to outfit a guest suite that can fulfill the increasing desire of travelers for more personalized, residential-feeling surroundings yet meet stringent hospitality performance standards.  

A break from the dark and heavy furnishings of hotels past, the collection is light, airy, and refreshing yet also grounded, restful, and most of all deeply functional. Each piece is designed down to the detail with the user experience in mind; the design team considering not only what a drawer pull would feel like in the hand, but also why it was there and whether a different location or mechanism would be better.

Headboards are one cohesive piece including bed box, built in lighting and power and even nightstands. Under-bed motion-sensor LED strips illuminate a path for guests getting up in the middle of the night. Dressers hold clothing but also seamlessly act as a hospitality unit—nothing so new except in the level of detailing and how the parts fit together, down to special grooves that mark exactly where the glasses rest. A desk with a built in, snap-up vanity mirror and a table customizable to accommodate different uses and height needs further illustrate the collection’s focus on function and user comfort.

The wide variety of fabric, wood tones, and finish options mean no two hotels need look the same.

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Services: interior design