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pepsico office consolidation

project story

In 2016, faced with the need for immediate additional space to accommodate expanding operations in Winston Salem, PepsiCo asked CJMW Architecture to design a series of phased office upfits and expansions. Projects were completed on accelerated schedules; for the first phase, CJMW ’s Interior Design team completed design, documentation and finish/furniture selection for the 43,000 SF first phase in record time. Total upfitted space is approximately 115,000 square feet.

The aesthetic was transformed from a sea of cubicles to a mixed-type workspace that was contemporary but comfortable for this high-density call and sales team center. The design team navigated between the needs of the end users and PepsiCo’s newly developed aesthetic brand standards, which called for branded graphics throughout the workspace. CJMW’s first scheme, developed through a day long work session, successfully achieved both corporate and end user objectives and helped the team move the project forward to on-time completion.

In 2023 with a changed, post-pandemic workplace landscape, PepsiCo once again called on the CJMW Interior Design team—this time to help them not only consolidate space from 3 floors to one, but to create a new workspace to attract teams back into the office.

The new office includes many types of spaces for people to work including sound isolative individual ‘phone booths’ for calls, huddle spaces both casual and formal, open and private offices, and break/ lounge areas distributed througout the floor. Once again, CJMW completed this project on an accelerated schedule, to rave reviews from the client.

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Square footage: 115,000
Services: architecture, interior design, ffe