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w&l duchossois and student activities pavilion renovation

project story

The Duchossois Tennis Center Renovation was approximately 16,000 square feet of renovated area and included a new hardwood floor for men’s and women’s varsity basketball and volleyball games. Two of the four existing tennis courts were used for the new hardwood floor. Two full volleyball courts and four basketball goals were provided for practices and could be easily stored for game days. Re-usable bleachers, scorer’s table and related gameday items were also provided and will be re-used in the new sports complex once it’s completed. Existing LED lighting from the old gymnasium was utilized in the new gym spaces to provide NCAA standard lighting levels. An existing curtain was retained to divide the tennis from the renovated area.

One of the two existing locker rooms and adjacent corridor and office space were renovated to provide a team-room for the varsity teams and a training room. Mezzanine level locker rooms were also provided for officials.

The Student Activities Pavilion was also renovated (approximately 13,500 SF) and will be used for physical education, intramurals and some varsity training. A new Mondo sports floor was installed in the main space and floor stripping was provided for a variety of activities. Existing bathrooms were renovated and a new laundry was installed to accommodate care of varsity sports uniforms. A new, enlarged equipment storage space was provided. Accommodations were also made for spinning classes, indoor golf practice and other sports teams’ storage. New lighting, finishes and fixtures were provide throughout.

Mechanical and electrical systems were upgraded and adapted as needed to accommodate the new uses. The Duchossois renovations in particular were planned to allow for conversion back to the original tennis court layout.

Location: Lexington, Virginia
Square footage: 29,500
Services: architecture